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Slip and fall accidents can occur without warning, resulting in some of the most destructive injuries that a person can experience. Following a slip and fall accident, it's likely that you will find yourself needing to pay pricey medical bills, which can be difficult if your injuries are severe enough to prevent you from working.

If you're wondering about the best way to respond to a slip and fall accident, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of LaKayla Fridie. Discover the benefits of hiring a slip and fall attorney like LaKayla Fridie after being hurt in a serious accident.

Identifying Liability

One of the largest difficulties during a slip and fall accident lawsuit is identifying the liable party. Depending on where your slip and fall accident occurred, you might file suit against a private property owner or your city. If you're having trouble identifying the liable party in your case, you need the help of an experienced slip and fall attorney like LaKayla Fridie.

LaKayla Fridie and the team know the proper steps for building a slip and fall personal injury case, and can assist you in filing against the right party. Partnering with Fridie Law for your case means having a dedicated, experienced attorney on your side.

Collecting Evidence

In many slip and fall cases, evidence can be hard to find, as the conditions that caused the fall can change very quickly. For example, if you've fallen due to an icy sidewalk, the ice may melt before you can document the scene of the accident, making it difficult to prove your case. If you've never collected evidence for a personal injury lawsuit before, hiring a practiced lawyer like LaKayla Fridie is a great decision.

The team at Fridie Law is ready to listen to the facts of your slip and fall accident, and can help you collect the evidence that will be the foundation of your personal injury lawsuit. If you want to be certain your case is being handled the right way, work with attorney Fridie, PLLC.

Find a Slip and Fall Attorney

Dealing with a slip and fall accident can be a truly stressful occasion, which is why you need guidance from a slip and fall attorney like LaKayla Fridie. Her and the staff at Fridie Law, PLLC have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you build your personal injury suit.

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