Product Liability Lawyer


Product Liability Lawyer

Every single day, people in use a variety of products without incident. However, if you've been unfortunate enough to purchase a defective product, it's possible you will suffer a major injury. After suffering an injury due to a poorly manufactured product, it can be difficult to know how to move forward, especially if you're injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working.

Depending on the facts surrounding your injury, you might be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit, and if you're considering a lawsuit, you need the help of an experienced injury attorney like LaKayla Fridie. Read why you need to hire a product liability attorney after you've suffered a product related injury and learn how Fridie Law can help.

Product Liability Basics

Contrary to what many people believe, there are a wide range of circumstances that fall under the umbrella of product liability. For example, you could be harmed by a prescription drug that was incorrectly manufactured, a food item that was contaminated with dangerous bacteria, or a car that was manufactured with a faulty braking system. Product liability can cover a wide range of circumstances and injuries, which is why you need assistance from Fridie Law, PLLC.

LaKayla Fridie and the Fridie Law Team understand how complicated product liability cases can be, and are ready to advise you of your legal options after you've been harmed by a faulty product.

Proving Your Case

When undergoing a product liability lawsuit, many people are surprised by how difficult it can be to prove their case. A large amount of evidence is needed in a product liability case, including proof that the injury was caused by the product in question and that the manufacturer was responsible for the injurious defect. In addition, product manufacturers often have legal teams dedicated to fighting these suits, which is why you need a lawyer like LaKayla Fridie.

LaKayla Fridie has experience in a wide range of personal injury lawsuits, including product liability claims, and can help you gather and organize the evidence that you need for a strong case.

Hire a Product Liability Attorney

If you're struggling to support yourself after being injured by a product, your best solution may be to file a product liability claim, and your top choice for a product liability attorney is LaKayla Fridie. Her and her team at Fridie Law, PLLC serve clients from areas like Galveston, Fort Bend, Cypress, and Pearland, and are ready to work with you.

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