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Over the course of your life, it's likely that you will experience a car accident at least once. While many car accidents are minor, causing damage only to your vehicle, others are extremely serious, resulting in major injuries that affect your ability to live your life. If you find yourself unable to work after a car accident, with no way to support your family or pay your medical bills, you need the help of an experienced car accident attorney like LaKayla Fridie.

Find out why you need a car accident attorney after you've been involved with a wreck and learn why your best choice is working with LaKayla Fridie.

Proving Liability

When you're planning a car accident lawsuit, your main responsibility will be to prove the negligence of the other driver. In many cases, if it's found that you were in any way responsible for your accident, you will lose your ability to file a claim, putting you in a very precarious situation. While trying to prove negligence or liability in your car accident case, it's helpful to have guidance from an experienced car accident attorney like LaKayla Fridie.

LaKayla Fridie knows how crucial proving negligence is to a successful car accident lawsuit, and is ready to closely examine the facts of your case to help you identify the best way to prove the fault of the other driver.

Protecting Your Interests

During a car accident lawsuit, you may be required to negotiate with an insurance company, whether your own or the other driver's. Insurance companies often have large legal teams that are focused on limiting the liability of the company and reducing the amount of potential payouts, which can result in you getting a settlement that is less than you deserve.

Before you enter into any settlement negotiations in your car accident lawsuit, it is vital that you secure representation from an attorney like LaKayla Fridie. Her and her team at Fridie Law, PLLC are ready to fight for your interests and can represent you during insurance company negotiations. Working with LaKayla Fridie means knowing you have an attorney on your side that is working for you.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

The most important thing that you can do following a major car accident that has resulted in serious injuries is to hire a car accidents attorney like LaKayla Fridie. Fridie Law serves clients in areas that include Austin County, Galveston County, and Harris County, and is your best resource when you're planning a car accident lawsuit.

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