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Texas Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Lawyer

Personal Injury

Over the course of your life, it's likely that you will experience a car accident at least once.

Criminal Defense

If you are charged with a crime, you may be facing prison time or a punishment that could affect your future.

Real Property

We understand how important your property rights are to you, and we help you protect those rights.

Dedicated Service

Excellence is a priority at Fridie Law, PLLC. Attorney LaKayla Fridie works long hours in hopes of obtaining the best possible case outcomes for her valued clients. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. She provides high-quality legal service for those dealing with stressful personal injury, criminal, and property cases. If you demand strong legal representation, she is a great advocate to have on your side.

Our Practice Areas

Car & Truck Accidents

If you're facing expensive hospital bills, costly motor vehicle repairs, and time off work, consider filing a claim for compensation. We've successfully handled injury claims and lawsuits.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents result in more serious injuries than your average car accident. Motorcyclist who are injured because of another's negligent actions can take legal action to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and for other damages related to the accident.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur without warning, resulting in some of the most destructive injuries that a person can experience.

Traffic Citations

Hiring a lawyer for a ticket can ensure you get the best possible outcome. We fight to keep your driving record clear from convictions so you can, avoid insurance increases, suspended license, and/or surcharges.

Criminal Defense

We are dedicated to helping first and second time offenders get the second and third chances they deserve. You need an attorney who is determined and serious about your future.

Property & Title Disputes

Have you inherited property and need a new title? Have you gone through a divorce and need a new title? Is someone staking a claim to your title? Whichever the case, we can help you get clear title to your property.

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